Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A year...

A year ago today, one of my favorite people died. Roommate of 10 years, friend of 15 years. Heidi was one of those fixture people in my life, one of the souls that form the cocoon of love that holds me in this world allowing me to breath. Her death left a void of open air where there was comfort. She was one of the brutally honest forces in my life that would tease me that my favorite response to her honestly was “yeahbut” that I had turned it into one word. Heidi had a unique ability to laugh at and with life, a prankster who just loved to watch comical situations unfold as she rolled her eyes. I have no idea how many times we did airport runs for each other or put each others animal on the phone while the other was in some far flung place, providing comical amusement to those listening. My day started and I am sure will be filled with memories shared with others whose lives she touched, laughs, tears and cuddles with the cat she put in my life, a Dr. Pepper toast… and some time in nature photographing, because that is what I love… which was her last advice to me when she said goodbye. Never take the people in your life for granted, tell them you love them, cherish them.

Heidi trying to get cell phone reception.
Heidi's dad Al, in the background, had just headed off this 200 lb. camel.

Heidi and her critter friends.

Heidi's parents Irene and Al.

Heidi bouldering in Nepal in sunset.

Organizing the Pakistani Women's Climbing Camp. Heidi and I with dueling computers, Janet on the phone.

Heidi and Minky

minky waking me up during Aspen Youth Experience's Latino Camp.

Heidi and Zou Zou, the cat that Heidi deposited in my life.

Heidi giving Minks a green mohawk.

Heidi and Minks from a hike on the continental divide.

Heidi, the minks and me on the continental divide.